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Friday, August 5, 2011

Domestic Blogger Power

At the BlogHer '11 Conference I've so far encountered a preponderance of 30-something women writing about what would traditionally be called domestic concerns -- motherhood, children, health and nutrition, "home economics", couponing, crafts, and personal growth journals. When I am asked what Girl in the Locker Room! is about, several women have commented "Oh, you have a SERIOUS blog." This is a disappointing POV, but after a tour of the vendors exhibition hall, I noted that major brand name companies are courting these bloggers -- especially the food and home items producers. The "swag" is outrageous in order to prompt word-of-mouth endorsement. Companies obviously believe these women are a powerful economic force. Now THAT'S serious.

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Ali Baloglu said...

it was nice to meet you at BlogHer11 at the keynote. Looking forward to your revival of the Girl in the Locker Room!