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Monday, November 12, 2007

Anita Hill on Title IX and Primetime

Anita Hill, professor of law and social policy at Brandeis U., updates the impact of Title IX in the Boston Globe, noting that Rutgers women's basketball's season opener was nationally televised on ESPN yesterday in primetime. (She fails to mention that the NFL swallowed network primetime all day --and night -- yesterday. That's what I was watching, Roethlisberger playing quarterback and running back both, Tony Romo finding Terrell Owens' magic hands and the struggles of the brothers Manning. ESPN was going with the best it had. Still, a benchmark.) She finds irony in how Imus' remarks, and their general repudiation, may have in the end brought more attention and respect to female athletes. Nearly 3 million high school girls play some kind of competitive sports compared with 300,000 before Title IX was enacted in 1972. True primetime interest in women's teams is still a ways off except for women's tennis.

fyi With .1 seconds left on the clock, Stanford beat Rutgers 60-58 with two controversial free throws. Now I'm sorry I missed it.

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