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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Girl in the Radio Booth!

Just the other day my Google Alerts picked up this article by Red Fisher in the Montreal Gazette mentioning me. Red has a long memory, more than three decades long in fact. After all this time, I got another point of view from that room in the Montreal Forum where the so-called "locker room barrier" was broken in 1975 by a lady (that's how he refers to me -- thank you Red). He describes a startled Phil Esposito.

Red was reminiscing about that event while reporting that the New Jersey Devils of the NHL have just added a female color (colour) commentator, Sherry Ross. "Good move," writes Red. "She'll be a voice of reason in an area where loud is good and louder is better."

FYI The Association for Women in Sports Media has a current membership of more than 400.

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